SANGA emphasizes the importance of Global Citizenship, viewing travel as a way of embracing a global way of life


SANGA presents innovative investment opportunities that yield both returns and the pleasure of traveling around the world


The best opportunity for international real estate investment, complete with returns and accommodation privileges.

Discover the SANGA Equity – your gateway to prosperous real estate investments. We've carefully curated opportunities for you to capitalize on the global real estate market, making your investment journey smooth and rewarding.

A residents beyond the dream in the country you cherish.

Discover a Range of Property Options, From Personal Ownership to Income-Generating Investments.

Distinguished by one-of-a-kind stay, accompanied by personalized concierge services.

Tailored luxury with exclusive events, concierge services, and property discounts. Enjoy opulent stays and hidden property treasures worldwide.


SANGA is a Real Estate tokenization platform under AVANTIS Laboratory (Thailand) Company Limited, a joint venture company between Jaymart Group and Market Anyware Company Limited

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