Sanga Exclusive Club extends an exquisite invitation to a world of unparalleled luxury, exclusively tailored for its esteemed members. Revel in a bespoke lifestyle adorned with cherished benefits: exclusive networking events, personalized concierge services, the hidden treasures of unlisted properties, and the coveted privilege of indulging in opulent stays within our prestigious global portfolio. Moreover, as a member, you'll be granted exceptional discounts when acquiring your dream property, adding an exquisite touch of splendor to your journey.




Stay credit  up to 70 credits
Discount up to 25% when purchase stay credit
Have a right to see Sanga unlisted property
Cash back 50% of membership fee when purchase property/private fund

Concierge service is ready to provide comfort and ensure the finest accommodation experience for you, offering services both locally and internationally.


Experience hassle-free flight ticket reservations through our concierge service, available both domestically and internationally.


For the convenience of our members' travel, you can choose to use our limousine service through our concierge.*Limited to airport transfers.


For accommodation bookings within Sanga's portfolio, members can reserve through our concierge. Additionally, for cities without accommodations in the Sanga network, our concierge team can provide recommendations in this regard


Whether you want to explore bustling city life or embark on a serene adventure in nature, our local guides will take you to experience the true local way of life. Make your journey an extraordinary and memorable experience with us.


Indulge in relaxation through spa treatments booked by our concierge team.


If you'd like to try local dining or have a chef prepare a meal at home, we can take care of this for you.

where you can stay

SANGA provides a diverse range of experiences in our accommodation properties. Whether you prefer a tranquil retreat surrounded by nature, enjoying the scenic views of Mount Fuji in Fujinomiya, skiing in Niseko, immersing yourself in the cultural richness of Kyoto, or exploring the vibrant city life of Tokyo, you can choose your ideal stay in each city according to your preferences.


Occupancy right grants the privilege to stay in properties within SANGA's portfolio and carefully curated global partners.

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